About Primed Mind

The Mission is to facilitate the ability to Perform On Demand.

To show the world the power hypnosis has on improving performance, and how simple shifts in perspective can be the difference between coming up clutch in big moments, and falling apart in the face of pressure.

We will fulfil this Mission by giving the world the opportunity to have world class hypnosis and mindset training in the palm of their hand.


Elliot Roe, co-founder of Primed Mind, is a world-renowned Performance Coach whose clientele includes Olympic Medalists, UFC Champions, Hollywood Actors, Executives, Wall Street Traders, and High-Stakes Professional Poker Players.

In just the past 5 years his poker clients have earned over $80,000,000, he has worked with startups to go from 0 to 8 figure valuations, and helped athletes who were told they were finished in their sport, to make comebacks that no one else thought possible.

His Performance On Demand coaching system leverages the power of hypnotherapy to eliminate fears and breakthrough mental roadblocks allow- ing you to operate in a state of peak performance every day.


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